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Our Charlotte & Atlanta patent attorneys have decades of experience in patent evaluation and preparation, as well as patent prosecution.

Our lawyers offer unique qualifications in a highly complex and legally demanding specialty.

Our clients come from all backgrounds including electrical & mechanical engineering, computer science, biotechnology and medicine. They seek a wide variety of patent law services from evaluation, preparation, provisional patent application and trademark preparation to prosecution and complex business litigation scenarios. Our Charlotte & Atlanta patent lawyers are licensed to practice before the US PTO, licensed in various jurisdictions, and admitted before Federal and State trial and appellate courts.

When it comes to patents, we understand the years of hard work you and your team have put into your company to get it to the point it is now. We also have a deep understanding of your business and your livelihood and how that can be tied to the success and validity of your patent application or patent prosecution case. Our goal is to provide innovate and creative solutions as we navigate the complex web of the application or litigation process. Give us a call today and schedule your consultation with one our Charlotte & Atlanta patent law attorneys.

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